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Culturally Enriching Customers With Exotic Wares From Around The World

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Culturally Enriching Customers With Exotic Wares From Around The World

How To Get A Student Apartment With No Income

Tonya Gomez

While living in a dorm is often considered part of having the complete college experience, a lot of students do not live on campus. One reason for this is due to the fact that dorms tend to be small, cramped, and expensive. Unfortunately, finding an apartment off-campus as a student can be challenging. Without substantial income, it is hard to be approved for a lease. Keep reading to learn a few tips that can help you get into a student apartment while in college, even without significant income.

Opt for an Individual Landlord

You will want to look for an apartment through an individual landlord instead of one through a large complex that is likely going to be operated through a property management company. The reason for this is because an individual will have more leniency in their qualification rules and be more willing to work with you.

Ask a Family Member or Friend to Cosign Your Lease

If you are unable to qualify to rent an apartment on your own merit, you do have another option. One option is to ask someone you trust to act as a cosigner on the apartment lease. This person will not live with you, but he or she will help guarantee the lease for you. In the event that you are unable to make the monthly payments and fall behind, the cosigner will become responsible for making the payments. Due to this guarantee, the landlord will be more willing to approve your application.

Pay More Money Upfront

There are some landlords who tend to be more flexible with their financial requirements than others. You may find some that are willing to approve your rental application if you are able to give a larger security deposit upfront or pay the first and last month's rent upfront. If you are a student with student loans, you may be able to use that money to do this and bypass the landlord's standard requirements. Just make sure that your education expenses have been budgeted first, as your education should always come first.

Locate a Roommate

A lot of students will reduce the costs of their student apartment by finding a roommate to share the apartment with. This will split the costs of the apartment with someone else, allowing you to afford the space. More often than not, both of you are in the same situation, so it is beneficial for you both. You may want to make sure to use online websites that thoroughly vet students so that you can ensure you are getting a roommate that has gone through a background check.

The aforementioned tips can help you as you look for an off-campus student apartment with little to no income.

For more information about student apartments for rent, contact landlords near the school you attend.