Culturally Enriching Customers With Exotic Wares From Around The World
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Culturally Enriching Customers With Exotic Wares From Around The World

With a world that is so rich in diversity and culture, it is a shame that so many focus primarily on what they find familiar and do not branch out to experience different things. But not me. My name is Shane Silverstone and I have an amazing treasure trove of imports from around the world. It is very difficult and expensive to find products that suit my tastes because so many businesses do not know how to find and market exotic products that may actually be a hit domestically. For that reason, I have decided to create a blog dedicated to the exciting world of business and imports!


Culturally Enriching Customers With Exotic Wares From Around The World

  • 4 Ways You Can Impress Recruiters To Land More Roles

    17 May 2017

    When working with an employment agency, you sometimes have to lay more groundwork. Not only do you have to sell yourself to the client that you have been tasked out to, but before you can even get to this point, you have to prove yourself to be a star to the recruiters at the agency. Without their approval, your roles may be limited. Learn what you can do to stand out to recruiters and land more promising roles.

  • 3 Reasons Your Business Should Start Recycling Its Scrap Metals

    16 May 2017

    Not only could your business make some money by saving and recycling all the scrap metal it produces, but recycling scrap metal could also save you money in the long run. In addition, recycling metal is good for the environment, which means recycling can help you do your part in saving the environment. If your company has never done this before, here are three important things to know. Your Scrap Is Worth Money

  • Growing Your Business On A Tiny Budget? Creative Ways To Maximize Your Current Space

    29 June 2016

    Starting and growing a new business is exciting. But it can be a little bit scary, too, especially when you are working with a tight budget and still need to figure out how to make room for the additional employees your company requires to continue to expand and grow. If this is a problem that you are currently facing and renting or buying a larger space is not yet feasible, consider using one or more of the following creative ideas to maximize your current space without breaking your budget.